Model Liziane Gutierrez Supported LeBron James at the All-Star Game… With Her Ass

This weekend was NBA All-Star Weekend and despite Chaka Khan doing her best to ruin everyone’s good time, the two all-star teams combined for over 300 points, with LeBron James’ team edging out Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s team by just two points, 157-155.

I think that the thing that put LeBron over the top was the support of Liziane Gutierrez, who showed her support for King James on her posterior.

That’s a mighty nice good luck charm.

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BJ Blazkowicz
BJ Blazkowicz
2 years ago

Fuckin North Korean tourist visitin hoe – yeah let’s use the opportunity to enter the Forbidden Kingdom in order to complain about how they won’t let you wear skimpy bathing suits around the starving and enslaved NKers.

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