‘Mulan’ Actor Invites Brie Larson to the Premiere on Twitter


Mulan is coming to theaters next month and the Hollywood premiere is right around the corner on March 6th. It remains to be seen if the boycott of the film caused by Yifei Liu’s support for the Hong Kong police’s violent crackdowns on pro-democracy protestors will impact the film at the box office, but one actor from the film wants to make sure Brie Larson is in the theater for the premiere.

Jimmy Wong, who plays Ling in the upcoming film, made a tweet last night publicly inviting Larson to the premier.

Now, I’m just a humble celebrity gossip writer and not a YouTube star, but I think you’re supposed to have your agent call her agent. It’s kind of the reason you have an agent.

Jimmy got a little good-natured ribbing from his fans; he’s not a major star but he is the co-host of a popular Magic: The Gathering themed YouTube channel called The Command Zone so he does have a pretty large social media following.

Wong clarified that he’s in a relationship and just asking her as a friend because he thinks she’s cool.

Sure thing, bro. That’s Envy Freaking Adams, no one is so committed that Brie couldn’t get it.

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