Oscar Isaac Is Done With ‘Star Wars’

I think we all had a pretty good idea that the cast of the latest Star Wars trilogy was pretty much done with Star Wars after The Rise of Skywalker. There’s a fierce debate over which trilogy was worse, the sequels or the prequels, and that basically means no one is a winner. And after John Boyega was flooded with racist attacks from Reylo shippers, fans who primarily care about seeing Rey and Kylo Ren be romantically involved, only to see the media paint them as the victims a week later, well, do you really think he’d come back for more of that?

Oscar Isaac isn’t coming back to Star Wars either.

TMZ caught up with him and he doesn’t sound very enthusiastic about it.

Not many people involved in Star Wars, outside of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams ever seemed all that enthusiastic about returning to the series. Harrison Ford famously wanted Han Solo to be killed off at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Sir Alec Guinness thought the entire thing was ridiculous and Hayden Christensen didn’t make it out of the prequels with his career intact,

What a mensch to sign all those autographs, though.

Disney recently announced that it sees Star Wars as more of a TV property than a movie property now, which makes a lot of sense because The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars were actually good. They’ve quietly cancelled two Star Wars movie trilogies with the Game of Thrones guys and Rian Johnson, but everyone loves Baby Yoda.

Johnson’s Poe was a bright spot in the newest trilogy, but we were likely never going to see more of those characters anyway, especially after what a mess it ended up being plot-wise. It’s far easier just to plant a flag in it and build entirely new stories in the same galaxy far, far away than to try and make any kind of sense out of what the last three films did.

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Jack Schroedinger
Jack Schroedinger
1 year ago

What a ridiculously terrible article. This is the first article that I’m reading on this website, and it really gives me the impression “This is what qualifies for an article on this site? I’m probably never coming here again.”

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