Rapper Pop Smoke Found Murdered at Age 20

It’s always sad when people die and they aren’t Margaret Thatcher, but it’s especially sad when a talented young star dies tragically before their time. Pop Smoke, the artist behind ‘Welcome to the Party’, was murdered in a home invasion at age 20.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Pop Smoke, real name Bashar Barakah Jackson, was gunned down in his home by four masked men who broke in around 5 A.M. Wednesday.

Los Angeles Police Department detectives were still trying to determine the motive of the attack, which stunned the rap world and prompted an outpouring of grief from fans.

“There is a lot of information available,” said LAPD Capt. Jonathan Tippet. “We have some work to do.”

While the police don’t know who is responsible or what the motive for the attack was, they do have some theories.

Investigators are aware that the rapper may have inadvertently posted an image with the home’s address on social media, the sources said.

Pop Smoke also had been tied by officials to the Crips street gang, and detectives suspected the assailants were probably gang members.

We don’t know what the reason was yet, but we do know that a bright young talent is gone before his career really even got started. We’re never going to get to hear whatever music he would have produced over his lifetime. But he does leave a legacy, and I think that’s important to focus on that as you process your emotions over this sad event.

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johnny rotten
johnny rotten
3 years ago

Maggie was ok man, you just missed it