Russian BJJ Competitor Payzutdin Aliyev Paralyzed After Breaking Neck in Competition

During a grappling tournament at the Tinkoff Arena in Russia, 26-year-old Payzutdin Aliyev tried for a flying armbar. His opponent stepped back to avoid being caught by it which caused Aliyev to land on his head and break his neck. You can hear the crack in the video below. And if you didn’t realize something bad just happened, the screams of pain that came afterward might might be able to tip you off.

The Russian fighter was “diagnosed with a brain contusion, a closed craniocerebral trauma and a fracture of the cervical vertebrae with damage to the spinal cord.” A follow up CT scan showed his arms and legs were paralyzed in addition to his broken neck.

Yet another reason why I don’t participate in sports. Or any physical activity for that matter. Now when that stupid doctor says I should really consider working out, I’ll show him this.

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4 years ago

How fat are you? lol keep slamming those McDoubles those definitely won’t hurt you in the long run LOL

4 years ago
Reply to  Mike

This guy a fatty for sure