Steve Aoki Is Not at This Festival

When you’re a new festival trying to get people to attend, you shoot for the stars with marketing. Well maybe not the stars. You don’t want to end up with thousands of rich kids stranded on an island being fed lettuce between two slices of bread. But maybe you can put a semi-famous DJ on one of your fliers and imply that he’s headlining? Maaaybe not. A Brazilian music festival called University Ville did just that and advertised Aoki as being on the lineup. Aoki found out and had to deny it on Twitter.

I’m not exactly sure what the plan was here. It’s pretty obvious Steve Aoki has enough fans who know what the internet is and that it’ll eventually get back to him. The smarter idea would be to put someone on it who no one would think twice about. Like Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan doesn’t know how to DJ, but I’m pretty sure if you put her on the flier, she’ll show up with a USB stick of music she downloaded from royalty free sites and demand to play anyway.

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Dc C
Dc C
2 years ago

Huh?! Was it necessary to mention Lindsay? Especially when there’s the likes of Paris Hilton out there being pseudo-DJ’s…

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