You Won’t Believe This ‘Sports Illustrated’ Model’s Real Age

Sports Illustrated has recently been pushing the boundaries of what’s considered beautiful. I am positive it’s because they believe that diversity is important and not because sales are rapidly declining because a magazine full of swimsuit models isn’t the draw it used to be when a two second google search for “boobs” brings up literally a billion naked women.

Kathy Jacobs is Sport’s Illustrated’s newest unconventional model, and you’d never guess she’s 56 years old.

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It is inspiring to see people stay in the kind of shape she’s in at 56.

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5 months ago

She looks like an old lady. An attractive old lady, but if she says she’s 56 I’d assume she’s lying. 70 wouldn’t surprise me at all.

5 months ago

The WALL Illustrated magazine.

BJ Blazkowicz
BJ Blazkowicz
5 months ago

Yeah lol I was guessing a good looking 70-75 year old.. she’s not looking amazing for mid 50s.

Face ok, but that body is borderline.

So, no, I didn’t guess how old she was. I thought she was older, hah. Good job clickbait.

5 months ago

It looks like Elizabeth Hurley and Salma Hayak have nothing to worry about.

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