Actor Timothy Hutton Faces Rape Accusation


Timothy Hutton is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1983, which is absolutely awful. If it’s true, it means that not only is he a rapist but he also mastered time travel and instead of killing Hitler he’s just raping people. Absolute monstrous behavior.

Okay, the girl was actually 14 in 1983 and is 50 now, which makes a little more sense. Kind of weirded out about Page Six’s reporting that 14 was the age of consent in Canada at the time, though.

Here’s how Page Six describes the accusations:

Johnston claimed that she told the men something like, “I don’t think this is a good idea,” and “I don’t think my mother would be too happy about this.”

But “to everything I would say, it was, ‘It’ll be OK, it’ll be OK. It won’t last long, and you’ll be fine,’ ” Johnston said.

Hutton raped her, and his unnamed friend forced her to perform oral sex on him, she said.

The other man is not named.

That’s pretty disturbing, and she says it happened after Hutton and his friends invited her and her friends to his hotel room and offered them booze after picking them up at a restaurant.

Hutton, however, disputes this story, which accuser Sera Johnston initially relayed to Buzzfeed. Hutton told Page Six the incident never happened and the allegations are being made as part of an extortion scheme.

“The woman featured in the BuzzFeed article, Sera Dale Johnston, has tried to extort millions of dollars from Tim over the last two years. The article was published only after those extortion attempts failed.”

The lawyer claimed that BuzzFeed “shamefully disregarded the facts and allowed itself to be used by Ms. Johnston.

“BuzzFeed recklessly disregarded multiple sworn declarations from neutral third parties that absolutely show Ms. Johnston’s allegations to be false. In addition, BuzzFeed ignored hard evidence that Ms. Johnston lied about participating in extortion attempts and turned a blind eye to critical inconsistencies in Ms. Johnston’s story.

“Tim is prepared to take any and all necessary steps, including the filing of a defamation lawsuit, to clear his name and to hold BuzzFeed and Ms. Johnston accountable for their reckless and self-serving efforts to destroy Tim’s reputation and career.”

Now we can’t say who is lying and who is telling the truth here, and if you’ve ever seen Rashomon you know no one is ever 100% honest. But if you were going to try to extort an actor for millions of dollars, why on Earth would you choose Timothy Hutton?

Unless that was part of your plan to make it seem more believable and to insulate yourself from the relentless attacks of his fan.

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Militant Lilith
Militant Lilith
4 years ago

Another sick chapter involving men in power taking advantage of women without it. It will only end when women of all ages decide to call out any and all of these pervs who do so. The tables will turn eventually