Amanda Bynes is Unengaged After Only Three Weeks

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Never date anyone with a face tattoo. It’s just a clear sign they’re a crazy person. Unless it’s Mike Tyson, he seems like he’d be an excellent hugger. Alas, no matter what his vanity license plate says the champ doesn’t swing that way, so the rule is firm: never date anyone with a face tattoo.

This is a lesson Amanda Bynes’ now-former fiancé, some dude she met at AA, should have learned. Bynes and Some Dude had been dating a few months when he asked her to marry him and she accepted about three weeks ago. But Bynes’ parents didn’t approve and since she’s under conservatorship she couldn’t marry him without their permission. Seems like it probably out a damper on things. Whatever the cause, In Touch reports their relationship is over and Bynes has deleted all the pictures she posted of them together from her Instagram.

Dunzo. Amanda Bynes and her fiancé, Paul Michael, split and ended their engagement, In Touch has exclusively learned. “We did,” Paul tells In Touch exclusively, confirming their breakup. “I love her though, she’s my best friend.”

A little digression here. I used to follow Patton Oswalt on Twitter until a few days ago. The guy used to be one of the best accounts on there and now all he does is retweet the dumbest political takes with fingers-pointing-down emoji and you go “what happened to this guy?” And then you remember what happened to this guy and you’re like “ooooh yeah.”

Sometimes I wonder what happened to Amanda Bynes to turn her from one of the fastest-rising comedic stars in Hollywood into… current Amanda Bynes.

Ooooh yeah.

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