Chrissy Teigen Says She’s Leaving Social Media Because of Fruit


Chrissy Teigen is something of a darling of social media because of the way she makes SNL-level swats at Donald Trump but you don’t have to put up with Pete Davidson or Michael Che to get those mildly amused chuckles that never really turn into actual laughs.

But those days could be over and it’s all because some people have a problem with her giving her kids fresh fruit. That can’t be right, she must have said something homophobic or something… No, it’s about actual fruit.

Here’s what Us Magazine had to say about the incident.

The critique took place after the Bring the Funny judge, 34, shared a new video via her Cravings website in which she explains how she created a “menu” for her daughter, Luna, 3, after the toddler became a picky eater. Teigen also shares son Miles, 21 months, with her husband, John Legend.

Among the dishes included on the Target cookware designer’s menu are Corn Flakes topped with raspberries, and Cheerios served with blueberries. By Saturday, February 29, Teigen was fielding critiques related to what some social media users felt were outlandish meal choices. “I think I gotta leave the internet,” she quipped as a result.

Okay, so she’s not really leaving social media; you can see she’s clearly addicted. But I found the reason for the fight interesting, too.

Still, at least one user sided with the initial naysayer, noting that not everyone has the resources to regularly purchase fresh fruit. “Put yourself in the place of someone who legitimately can’t afford to have fresh berries within reach for their family,” that user shared. “And maybe, just maybe, let this go.”

I mean, Teigen and John Legend are rich, and I’ll be the first one to call for them to get marched to the guillotines I’m sure, but is fresh fruit really the height of extravagance here?

I admit being disgusted at the idea of edible gold, I find that morally reprehensible: this is fucking raspberries, though.

I’m putting you all on warning here: don’t make me defend Chrissy Teigen. I don’t like doing it. It makes me uncomfortable. You are putting me in a very uncomfortable position by being dumber than her and I really think you need to keep my feelings in mind before you do it.

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2 years ago

The person hating on the fresh berries has a lot of rage they long to share. The serving suggestion is ON THE CEREAL BOX ffs

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