Chrissy Teigen’s Quarantine Advice: Have a $100 Bowl of Soup Delivered

Oh Chrissy Teigen, whatever would I do without you being on social media? Probably get a real job, so thank the lord you exist.

What dumbass thing did Chrissy do today? I should name a column that, I’m sure I could pump one of those out a week. It almost feels like cheating, but there’s not a lot going on because of the coronavirus social distancing.

Which brings us to what Chrissy Teigen did this week. Her advice for dealing with being on lockdown (which she claims isn’t an ad) is to just have a hundred dollar bowl of soup delivered.

Of course, she doesn’t see what the problem is with having a hundred dollar bowl of soup shipped across the country is.

I mean, okay, attacking her for giving her kid fresh fruit is probably over the line. It’s funny that she has no empathy or ability to relate to people who don’t have as much money as her, but fresh fruit is not some extravagance that only the rich can afford; a hundred dollar bowl of soup or a three-pack of personal-sized pizzas for $85 is absolutely just for the rich. It’s absolutely not worth it even if you are rich.

The thing that makes Chrissy so entertaining is she will just go on and on about this stuff all day.

I used to think that the best part about Twitter was that you could tell rich assholes that they’re assholes instead of just yelling it at the TV. But the actual best thing is watching rich assholes melt down about their mentions because so many people are correctly telling them that they’re assholes.

Chrissy never quite gets to why people are pissed off at her.

But you know she was thinking about this all day. Because she referenced it in a tweet 10 hours later.

We’ve moved on, Chrissy. We had dinner and watched Bob’s Burgers. What are you doing with your life that you need approval this bad?

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2 years ago

what an entitled dumb bitch