Former Ellen DeGeneres Employees Share Horror Stories About the Beloved Comic to Pass Time During Quarantine

Ellen DeGeneres Show

You know, it’s really disappointing to me to find out that Ellen DeGeneres is a terrible person. I mean, there were hints.

Still, Ellen had always been a hero of mine. Her stand-up album, Eat This, is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. She is very funny. Like, Louis C.K. funny. Man, it is just not a great time to be a fan of stand-ups in general, is it? Don’t even get me started on what an ass Bill Hicks became after he faked his death and changed his name to Alex Jones.

I had heard rumors that Ellen was just an awful person but I don’t think I realized the extent until I saw the Twitter thread where former employees recounted their horror stories of dealing with her, started for charity by Kevin T. Porter.

He ended up donating $600, which means he got around 300 true stories of Ellen being horrible. Here are a few of the best.

Okay, I said I loved Ellen earlier, but no one disrespects the queen like that. It’s like Bill Cosby telling young black to pull their pants up while pulling the pants off unconscious black women.

This is one of the most petty things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

This takes petty to a new level.

This seems terrible but keep in mind all vegans are like this, i.e. the worst.

This came up again and again; Ellen apparently gets furious if any members of the production crew, such as the grips and gaffers, make eye contact with her. That’s some next-level bullshit right there.

See? That is a person who thinks they’re better than you because they have money.

The moral is never have heroes. Especially not if they’re stand-up comics. That is not a profession people get into because they’re well adjusted and morally upright.

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Herbert VPN Hoover
Herbert VPN Hoover
4 years ago

Really? GW?

4 years ago

So none of this comes out until she sits with the ‘enemy’
No one else thinks this is a bit suspicious?

Either she has always been horrible but because she was on the correct team, she could do whatever she wanted?
Or, she is a good person and because she strayed from the pure path, she’s now being punished?

What does that say about her original team?

3 years ago

I’m vegetarian and my meat eating friends are the ones trying to get ME to eat meat.

That’s irrelevant, I know. The comment just annoyed me. Like I hate pushy vegetarians and vegans, but no one talks about pushy meat eaters.