Harvey Weinstein Will Die in Prison, What Will His Legacy Be?

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison today, and that means he’s probably going to die there. Even if old Harvey wasn’t in such apparently bad physical shape, he’s 67 years old, so he’ll be 90 when his sentence is over and he has to start serving whatever he gets from his upcoming conviction in California.

Despite the inevitability of Weinstein’s appeals and his pending cases in California, the book has been closed on Harvey Weinstein. The last chapter is “he didn’t wash his tiny dick well enough and had to get those injections porn stars get in order to get hard enough to rape anyone.”

We know how Harvey Weinstein wanted to be remembered. He considered himself to be the guy who knew more about movies than anyone, especially guys like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and Bong Joon-ho. He felt the need to step in and have the final cut for no reason other than because he wanted everyone to think he was the genius and not those dummies with the cameras.

He also thought he was quite the mover and shaker politically. Weinstein was friends with the Clintons and the Obamas, about as entrenched as you can get in the Democratic establishment.

Old Harv is all smiles there. That’s probably never going to happen again. And man, Hillary Clinton got trounced in the election by an absolute doofus well before the public at large knew Weinstein was just raping everyone left and right.

Now, even Harvey’s brother Bob doesn’t want anything to do with him, court papers reported on by Page Six revealed. I mean, Bob had some really choice things to say to his brother.

“F–k u Harvey Weinstein. I pray there is a real hell. That’s where u belong,” Bob Weinstein wrote on Nov. 2, 2017.

“I suppose being you, is its own hell, if u could feel it, but no chance. OJ, didn’t kill Nicole Simpson and u had consensual sex with all those poor victimized women.”

Imagine you’re Bob Weinstein. You’re a famous, powerful movie producer and all you have to do to stay that way is not rape 82 women. You can still rape some, even, we all know if Harvey was accused of raping one or two women nothing would have happened to him. Boa Weinstein did his part and raped 0 people and then his brother raped 82 people and cost him everything anyway.

In another email a day earlier, Bob, 65, called his older brother a “pathological” liar, saying, “Sure all those 82 women had nothing better to do than have consensual sex with , u, and then out themselves and accuse u for sexual abuse.”

I think the most important thing Harvey Weinstein will have given society is the idea that even a rich white guy can go to jail if he rapes enough people. And we can finally stop hearing that Bill Cosby only went to prison because he’s black.

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