Jameela Jamil is Determined to be ‘Playboy’s’ Least Sexy Photoshoot Ever

I’m not quite sure who is still reading Playboy in the age of Pornhub, but the venerable titty mag of record is still going strong. Well, not strong, per se, but it’s still going.

While the magazine is still in print, Jameela Jamil is using her inexplicable fame to try and kill it by being in the least-sexy photo shoot the magazine has ever done.

Seriously, what is with her? Why are you in Playboy if you want to be unsexualized? Who is this for? Who is buying Playboy, a magazine built around showing women’s naked breasts, to hear about Jameela Jamil’s brand of uninformed white feminism while sheksshe’s dressed like Billie Eilish? And I know Jameela isn’t white, but she’s absolutely the most white feminist woman of color in the world.

As if to prove my point, Jamil tweeted, and then deleted, this beauty of a take where she pondered if the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 was a “clap back” from Mother Nature.

Do you see what I mean by white feminism?

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