Jameela Jamil is in Another Twitter Beef, About to be Self-Diagnosed With Terminal Sense of Humor Cancer

The Good Place / Composite

Jameela Jamil likes to insist people don’t like her because they’re confusing her with her character Tahani on The Good Place, but as someone who has followed Jamil for a while, I’m 99% sure Tahani was written as a smarter, more competent version of Jamil.

Her latest escapade is having a blowup about a comic making a harmless joke at her expense. Michelle Collins, who has her own show on Sirius XM, has been making jokes about the coronavirus lately as it’s in the news, and she tweeted asking who people thought would be the first celebrity to get it, following it up with “Jameela doesn’t count.”

I’m sure Jamil just let this go and didn’t turn it into a huge thing about she’s being discriminated against or use a bunch of buzzwords and act like making a joke at her expense is an attack on all of civilized society.

Can a person die from lack of a sense of humor? Asking for a friend.

Okay, but this time Jameela is going to get off the cross and de-escalate the situation, right?

How does she get good enough cel phone reception to tweet from way up on the pedestal she puts herself on?

By the way, if you’re someone who follows politics and bought into the myth of “Bernie Bros,” try reading the response to any of Michelle’s tweets. Jameela Jamil stans aren’t even trying to get everybody healthcare, they just don’t want anyone making fun of a tall woman they want to be friends with.

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