Lori Loughlin Alleges Prosecutorial Misconduct, Asks to Have Charges Dismissed

Full House

Do you think Lori Loughlin has been treated fairly? Just in general. Do you actually care that she paid a college to let her idiot kids in? George W Bush went to both Harvard and Yale and Donald Trump went to Wharton. Do you think those guys got in to those schools on their own merits? Have you listened to them talk for more than five minutes?

Also, do you think it’s fair that Loughlin was fired by Hallmark and Netflix over this? Joe Biden has been accused of rape and they won’t even talk about that on the national news, but they want to throw Lori in jail for 25 years for filing out the wrong form on her bribe. Does that seem right to you?

It doesn’t seem right to Loughlin, and USA Today reports that she’s moved to have her cases dismissed over “extraordinary misconduct” by the prosecution.

In a filing Wednesday supporting a motion to dismiss, lawyers again singled out notes Rick Singer, the mastermind of a nationwide admissions scheme, took on his iPhone following discussions with FBI investigators in October 2018 about recorded phone calls they directed him to make to parents.

The defense attorneys argued the notes prove their clients’ innocence – that parents thought they were making legitimate donations to college programs, not bribing college officials, to get their children admitted into elite colleges. But the lawyers said the government “knowingly withheld” the evidence, which was not turned over until last month.

Why has the government chosen to go after these people and to go after them so hard? We know that plenty of famous people are giving money to colleges with a wink that’s not really a bribe but is absolutely a bribe. Hell, when the Feds announced these arrests, they had to explain how it was different from buying a college a new library so your kid could get in.

It’s a distraction. Our justice department lets lots of rich people get away with way worse things than this and they every so often they throw the book at someone like Martha Stewart to show you that everything is fair, but it’s not. And if they’ve got to hide evidence to even do that, then what is even going on?

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