Lori Loughlin Finally Catches a Break as Judge Orders USC to Turn Over More Documents


I’ve never fully believed Lori Loughlin was going going to walk on the charges against her in the college admissions scandal because of how bloodthirsty the prosecutors seemed, but Loughlin appears to have caught a huge break and things might be about to turn around in her favor.

As reported by TMZ, USC is being ordered to turn over unredacted documents the court believes USC gives special consideration to the children of celebrities and other powerful people.

Loughlin and her husband are pursuing a strategy based on claiming they believed the money they had given mastermind William Rick Singer was being used as a legitimate donation and not any sort of illegal bribe. This is fairly believable because does anyone think a jury is going to parse the difference between the right and wrong ways to bribe a college? If USC is giving special consideration to the students of the rich and famous then this supports Loughlin’s argument that they had no reason to suspect anything illegal was happening. Why would they need to bribe anyone if their names and largess would open the door for them anyway.

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