‘Playboy’ Ending Playmate of the Year; Duties of Office to be Carried Out by ‘Penthouse’ Pet of the Year


After some 60 years, Playboy has announced that they will no longer name a Playmate of the Year, instead focusing on the “diversity” of the twelve Playmates of the Month.

In a statement to Page Six, the venerable titty-mag explained the decision.

“The point of this change was to not exclude anyone and instead of honoring one Playmate they’re honoring all 12 diverse Playmates of the year for each of their unique contributions to the brand” they said. “They had an exceptional group of impressive diverse women join the Playboy family as Playmates for 2019. These women are accomplished advocates and admirable personalities in their own right. We wanted to raise the group up as a whole and felt that there was a need to commemorate each of them one more time.”

In an age where the political left is mostly associated with political correctness and sex-negative feminism that Playboy has always been a pretty left-wing magazine. It used to be that if you supported women being in control of their body and sexuality and image and didn’t want the government telling you what you could and couldn’t say, you were a hippie lefty.

I’m not actually sure what Playboy is doing here, if I’m honest. I don’t know how this is more inclusive or diverse or woke, it seems more just like a marketing decision that they’re trying to sell as somehow being about good politics.

But hey, at least they brought back the nudity.

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2 years ago

Seems like tradition is out. I mean, people looked forward to seeing who would be named Playmate Of The Year each year. And I don’t believe their excuse about inclusiveness because they wouldn’t have gotten picked as Playmates at all if they weren’t”special”. At least we still have Penthouse Pet Of The Year.