Pleasure P is Throwing Food at Restaurant Workers, Thankfully Got Arrested For It

There is nothing better than a minor celebrity throwing a tantrum. The more minor the celebrity and the more petty the tantrum, the better the story.

Do you remember the band Pretty Ricky? I’m kidding, I know you don’t. They had a number one album but never had a hit song, so they’re kind of like zero-hit wonders. One of their members, Pleasure P, was arrested for throwing food at the drive-through clerk at a Checkers.

TMZ reported the details of the incident.

The employee claims P yelled at her more as he was driving up to her window, before getting out of his vehicle and approaching her on foot. She says he handed her the money and she handed him his order … but then he “pushed her intentionally with malicious intent in the chest with the food he received.” That’s when she called police.

Yeah, that’s not great.

Pleasure P posted a video on Instagram where he claims things went down entirely differently.

I don’t know what happened. I kind of doubt fast food workers were throwing food at a customer over an order discrepancy, but I also think police don’t generally need much of an excuse to arrest a black guy for no reason.

Either way, it’s a good idea to resolve your issues with the people who handle your food amicably.

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