Stephen King Drew Outrage For Saying Hachette Shouldn’t Have Cancelled Woody Allen’s Memoir, But He’s Right

Woody Allen had a memoir, titled Apropos of Nothing, scheduled to be published early next month until his son Ronan Farrow made a public issue of it which led to a work-out by some workers protesting and the eventual cancellation of the book.

For those not familiar with the situation, Woody Allen was accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan in the middle of his custody and child support battle with Mia Farrow. After the allegations, Farrow drastically increased the amount of money she was asking for from Allen and everyone who investigated the incident, including experts hired by Farrow, stated the evidence was inconclusive at best, and the judge in the case said that Allen’s behavior with Dylan was inappropriate but not sexual in nature. The only actual evidence of the accusations being true were some hair fiber samples potentially belonging to Allen being found in a crawl space, but hair fiber analysis is largely junk science.

So obviously Stephen King said it was a mistake for Hachette to cancel Allen’s book, it meant he supports pedophilia.

King’s argument is pretty easy to understand: book publishers should remain neutral and not give in to political pressure to cancel books and clearly has nothing to do with Allen himself. He even clarifies that if you don’t like Woody Allen, or you believe the allegations against him for some reason, you can simply not read his memoir.

The thing about censorship like this is that if you give into it once, more and more people will make demands for more stuff to be cancelled because they don’t like it. There was a whole two-part South Park about it.

People calling for censorship have to understand that you will not be the ones with the social power forever, which is why we have to support institutions and norms that oppose corporate censorship. Remember those conservative religious people who are always freaking out about Ellen Degeneres or the gay Archie character? They’re still out there, they still have pull, and this kind of thing gives them more, not less.

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