Trey Adams, Potential NFL Star, Admits to Having a Shockingly Small Penis at the Combine


Washington Huskies lineman Trey Adams is 6’8” and 327 pounds and he wants you to know that in spite of that, he has a tiny cock. It’s just barely even there. He’s never even seen it, in fact.

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but he did tell scouts at the NFL combine that he wanted a bigger penis.

I am a fan of this guy. I really like this answer, and I’ll tell you why. “What would you change about yourself?” is one of those idiotic questions you get asked by interviews and you have to answer it like it’s not the dumbest thing you’ve ever been asked. Daria was making fun of these kinds of questions like 25 years ago. It’s basically a test of your ability not to call the person asking it retarded.

Adams gave this all the thought and respect it deserved.

Also, not for nothing, but when you’re 6’8” and over 300 pounds, your dick is going to look tiny no matter how big it is.

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