What is Up With Kylie Jenner’s Weird-Looking Feet


I want to start this article off by saying I am not one of those foot people; I like Quentin Tarantino’s movies but that’s as far as it goes. But while I’m not scouring the internet for feet pics, I will admit that is someone has really messed up feet, it is a turnoff. You think you want to date a ballerina right up until she takes that weird little slipper off and you see she’s walking around on a pair of half-eaten salamis. It’s not good.

So it was very disappointing to have it pointed out that Kylie Jenner has some weird-looking feet.

It started when she posted some pictures of her and her sister on Instagram, a pretty normal occurrence.

But if you look at the last image in that post, you’ll see her foot just kind of looks weird. Her middle toe is just kind of… too short. It’s the top comment on the post not from a celebrity that says “So nobody gone notice her short toe ?😂😭” that started this.

I really don’t know how this hasn’t come up before. There are whole websites where people compile pictures of celebrities’ feet; have we really never seen Kylie Jenner’s feet before?

People magazine reported that Jenner was so bothered by this that she went on her Instagram Story to defend her feet.

“Everyone wants to come for my f—— toes,” Kylie said in a follow up clip, panning the camera to show her white-painted toenails wiggling on a gray fur rug.

“By the way, I have cute ass feet, and I broke this middle toe in middle school, and there’s nothing you can do about a broken toe, so it just had to heal how it wanted to heal,” Kylie explained.

White paint and a grey fur rug? That’s definitely going to end up on wikifeet. I’m surprised she didn’t put this video on OnlyFans.

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