David Ayer Says He’s ‘Growing and Learning’ in Response to Criticism of ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Harley Quinn

Some people really seemed to like Birds of Prey, which is weird because it flopped at the box office and while it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t particularly good, either. Suicide Squad director David Ayer wasn’t really a fan, because he thinks it destroyed the character arc he had planned for Harley Quinn. He said as much about a week ago in response to a critical tweet.

He makes a really good point here, anyone complaining about Harley being “sexualized” isn’t really familiar with the source material.

That’s one of her first appearances. She basically only exists as a character to be sexy. She’s purely a fanservice character and while some portrayals have made her a somewhat deeper character, at the end of the day she exists to be funny and sexy.

Ayer later seemed to apologize to someone flouting the “all art is political” viewpoint that is increasingly popular with people who can’t unplug from politics to enjoy anything that doesn’t reinforce their world view.

I’m sorry, but my eyes just glaze over whenever anyone uses the term “male gaze.” It’s just such a lazy analysis.

Ayer also apologized for his apology.

And he explained he basically doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Lesson one is don’t say things like “lerning 2 internet.”

I couldn’t actually tell you which film had a better portrayal of Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad or DC Warshawski. Neither is particularly good. Luckily we’ll get a whole new version of Harley Quinn soon from James Gunn in Suicide Squad 2, which has the potential to be actually good.

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