Did Adele Really Pay Three Quarters of Her Net Worth to Her Ex-Husband in Divorce Settlement?

Adele recently finalized her divorce settlement with ex-husband Simon Konecki and we’re seeing some crazy rumors about what the details were. We don’t actually know who got what because the settlement is sealed and they’re not talking about what was in it.

But that didn’t stop rumors from starting.

The rumor that she paid $140 million of her $190 fortune to her ex seems to be based on reports that they had a “£140 million settlement,” referring to the total assets the couple accumulated during the marriage and not the amount paid to Adele’s ex.

Adele probably didn’t pay that much to her ex. It’s more likely he got about half that, or maybe even less.

But it has basically ignited a war of the sexes on social media, with women on the side of Adele and men siding with her husband.

Seriously? She should murder someone rather than pay alimony?

It’s kind of funny how funny these people are that Adele has to live on “only” $50 million dollars.

I’m with these guys. You don’t think he earned that money? You have sex with Adele for a few years and get back to me.

But he probably didn’t get all of that anyway. Whatever he got is certainly enough for him to live on the rest of his life, though.

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Red Spider
Red Spider
1 month ago

We spent years making divorce easy and creating laws about division of assets. What do you expect

1 month ago

hahaha I love it, so if a man has to pay a woman 75% of his assests even if she did nothing to help him achieve that its fine and its “equality” but if its the other way around is not fine at all? go fuck yourselves and your feminism

18 days ago
Reply to  fuckfeminism

It is not about that at all. Either man or woman, it is not fair to pay more than 50% in a divorce. Specially if the reason is cheating.

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