Drew Carey Says he Forgives Man Who Murdered His Ex-Fiancée

Price Is Right / Screenshot

In The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare wrote “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.” It means that mercy isn’t something you give because you’re forced to but something that is freely given.

Drew Carey took this to heart when his ex-fiancée was murdered, and Deadline reports he explained this to a group of teens on The Price is Right shortly after it happened.

Carey said that he really wanted to speak about the incident to the teens “because it was high school kids, and I talked to them about how I forgave the guy who murdered Amie. He was mentally ill. He was abused as a kid. You have to be able to forgive people like that. I wish he never did it. I wish he never met her.”

Carey had taken a week off after the murder of Amie Harwick and he recorded a kid’s week with these teens on his return. He wanted to talk to them about it because everyone knew what had happened and he thought it was important to talk about forgiveness.

“Yeah, it’s important for high school kids to hear, people in general to hear. I really try to practice instant forgiveness and unconditional love. The closest you can get to that, the better you are.”

I don’t know if I could do it if it was me in Carey’s shoes. But it’s a lot healthier than carrying that around inside you all the time. And we should all keep in mind Drew Carey is kinder to the person who killed one of his loved ones than Ellen DeGeneres is to someone who said hello to her in passing.

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