Ezra Miller Will Choke a Bitch

I’m about 95% sure that this video of Ezra Miller chokeslaming a female fan like he’s the goddamn Undertaker is some sort of joke or prank or there’s some sort of reasonable explanation that’s not “Ezra Miller choked a bitch.”

This video isn’t long enough, though, because it really looks like Miller choked a bitch.

Like I said, I’m dubious Miller actually attacked and choked, but Twitter really isn’t.

Man, this is a good meme. I want this one to last forever.

Did you know Ezra Miller is non-binary? Because I just found that s**t out today because of people complaining Miller was being misgendered.

But man, Justice League was supposed to be this huge movie like Avengers and one of the stars playing one of the biggest DC characters and the only way you can get in the news is choking someone for no reason.

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