Kanye West Has Decided Words are for Chumps, Will Now Communicate With a Series if Beeps

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

Words are probably not Kanye West’s strong suit.nothing good has ever come from West saying words. Well, there was that one time that he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people but after that absolutely nothing good came of it.

Kanye seems to agree, and he’s told GQ he’s decided to stop using them.

I think words are one of our lowest forms of communication. Music, sound, food, dancing are nonverbal forms of communication. We get so wrapped up into words. We got to make things that are speechless. We have to make things that leave people speechless. We have to make things to the level where no one can say anything.

He’s got a new system all worked out, though.

The greatest freedom is to challenge the vernacular. Or add something to the vernacular. I saw [Alyx designer and former DONDA member] Matt Williams in the hotel lobby at the Mercer a couple weeks ago. Right when I saw him, I started communicating in, like, beep sounds. You know the beginning of the Bobby Digital song? Like that.

This is a great plan. He should have stuck with it for the rest of the interview, though, because later on he said of his late friend Kobe Bryant “He was the basketball version of me, and I was the rap version of him, and that’s facts!”

I suppose “you’re like me” is very high praise for someone as up their own ass as Kanye, though. And doling out that praise right after inventing a bad, unintelligible version of Morse Code 200 years after the fact is classic Kanye.

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