Louis C.K. Put Out His Comeback Special This Weekend and… It’s Good

You’re either going to be very happy or very angry to hear that Louis C.K. has capped off his comeback tour with a new comedy special. You’ll also be either happy or disappointed to learn that Sincerely is pretty classic Louis C.K. and is overall a funny hour.

Unsurprisingly, all the speculation that Louis was going to turn into Ben Shapiro or something and spend his entire act ranting about “SJWs” like some crazy person on Twitter in 2016 or some crazy person on Facebooks today we’re wildly off the mark. But Louis C.K. isn’t Bill Burr or Joe Rogan, he doesn’t do that kind of material; instead, his act was mostly about his life or broader things about society.

Louis doesn’t come out and say “Oh, the man won’t let you talk about this!” He just does his normal thing of making jokes about things like religion, pedophilia and the word “retarded,” which he says at least twenty times. In a way it does seem like he chose these topics just to be provocative, but that’s nothing new.

It’s hard to review stand-up comedy without talking about individual jokes, but that’s also not something you really want to be doing. So I’m just going to mention two. First, the joke about the Parkland kids not being automatically smart Everyone was so mad about didn’t make it to the final act. Second, Louis did talk about his masturbation incident in a lot more depth than previously.

Probably the most anticipated joke in his act, Louis said “if you ever ask someone  if you can jerk off in front of them and they say yes, say ‘Are you sure?’ and then if they say yes just don’t fuckin’ do it.” He also the reason that he likes people to watch him jerk off is he “likes jacking off and doesn’t like being alone.” And then he moved into his closing bit about how many dudes your mom fucked.

It’s not Louis’s strongest set, but it’s still a very funny hour. I never bought into the hype that Louis was the best comic in the history of comedy (which is probably Brian Reagan or Bill Hicks) but I also knew everyone going “can I finally say I never thought Louis was funny” was either full of s**t or had terrible taste. And after watching Sincerely, Infee the same way.

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