Our Queen is Safe; Cardi B Out of Hospital, Didn’t Have Coronavirus, Will Kick Your Ass

Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi B was in the hospital last week and apparently a lot of people thought she had the coronavirus. The good news is she did not and she’s out now; the bad news is she had a pretty nasty bug that caused her to drop five pounds in a few days, Cardi said in a now-deleted tweet.

Cardi confirmed she didn’t have the coronavirus but still required hospitalization for whatever she did have.

The reason she deleted the tweet is that she came hard for someone who accused her of using her influence to get a coronavirus test when in fact she had a nasty stomach bug. Cardi apologized in a later tweet.

We worship a benevolent goddess.

And she had reason to be happy, she’s celebrating the two-year anniversary of her last album Invasion of Privacy.

A new album this year? Now I actually care if I survive this stupid disease that’s trying to kill us all.

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