Real American Hero Tommy Chong is Trying to Get Free Weed to the Needy

Cheech and Chong / Screenshot

It’s hard to think of anyone more closely associated with weed than Tommy Chong. Cheech and Chong were the first stoner comics to break into the mainstream consciousness with successful films and albums that people remember decades later. Hell, they won a Grammy.

Chong isn’t one of those guys who does a bunch of pot jokes but never smokes it, Chong is famously is both a recreational and medicinal pot smoker, and having used it to deal with cancer treatments he knows how important it can be.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Chong tells Page Six he’s trying to get pot into the hands of those medicinal users who may not have access.

“There are a lot of people that depend on it and can’t get to their dispensary,” he said, adding there are those in need who can’t afford it. “I don’t think I’ve paid for marijuana in 50 years. People give it to me for free. I can afford to give it away.”

I think that’s really great. We were all sort of raised to think of pot as at best superfluous when it wasn’t being demonized by propaganda, but the truth is that a lot of people really do depend on cannabis to manage things like chronic pain or cancer treatment or a host of other conditions that pot treats. Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it doesn’t legitimately help people and it’s nice to see someone who had been propelled to fame by a community keep those people who helped get him to where he is now in mind during tough times.

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