Rose McGowan Slams ‘Fraud’ Alyssa Milano’s Head Over Milano’s Cavalier Dismissal of Sexual Assault Claims About Joe Biden


Remember when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court and he was accused of rape by Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Alyssa Milano went hard on how important it was to believe women? She even broke down crying at the hearing.

She tweeted stuff like this:

Republicans, at the time, said this was a partisan smear job and that Milano wouldn’t say a word if this was a Democrat being accused.

Turns out they were right.

You see, Joe Biden, who currently has a small lead over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary, was accused of sexually assault by a former staffer. This accusation was as credible, if not more, than the accusation against Justice Kavanaugh. For a week or so, the only response Milano offered was to remove #metoo from her Twitter bio. Well, she finally explained why she had nothing to say in an interview with Andy Cohen.

It basically boils down to Milano repeating, verbatim, every argument made to support Brett Kavanaugh, totally throwing away all credibility the Me Too movement she was the public face of had in order to protect an historically weak presidential candidate who is going to get absolutely fustigated by Donald Trump.

She even called it a “smear campaign” from “Bernie Bros.”

That’s Milano equating Warren and Sanders disputing a the details of a private conversation to rape right there.

Rose McGowan isn’t having it.

This is as brutal as it is true.

Milano did that passive-aggressive “I’m taking the high road but also implying you have some serious issues and I am the grounded and sane person” thing.

I’m disgusted by Milano’s hypocrisy, honestly. I can’t believe I used to constantly fantasize about her when I was in middle school. Like all the time. 3-4 times a day. I just hope Danielle Fishel remains unproblematic.

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J.C. Denton
J.C. Denton
4 years ago

Rose McGowan as a role model? And, on the other hand, Woody Harrelson is crazy on his claims over the 5G antennas? Both equal crazy to me. I see bias here and I see it from the other side of the Earth without need for an 5G antenna.