Should Amber Heard Face Prison Time if She Falsified Evidence Against Johnny Depp?


Because Amber Heard was in a big DC Comics movie, one of the few that was actually good (though not as good as Shazam!), she gets coverage on comic book sites and not just celebrity site. ran a story earlier today speculating that Heard could face prison time if she did indeed fabricate evidence of Johnny Depp being abusive, which appears to be the case to many people.

It’s an interesting take and worth a read, but it’s not based on any actual movements from the DA’s office in California that I’ve heard about.

Here’s the relevant California law the article refers to.

California Penal Code Section 141 PC establishes that it is illegal to alter, modify, plant, place, conceal, manufacture or move any physical matter with the intention of causing someone to be charged with a crime. Other laws that would apply include Offering false evidence under California Penal Code 132 PC and Preparing false evidence under California Penal Code Section 134 PC. The latter two laws are felony charges, while the initial law is typically a misdemeanor, but could be charged as a felony.

The issue here is Depp has presented some convincing evidence that Heard fabricated or embellished bruises with make-up in order to seek a restraining order against Depp in 2016.

But… the question is should Heard face charges for this? Should she go to prison?

Personally, I’m not a fan of sending anyone to prison. I’ve mentioned I believe both Jussie Smollett and Lori Loughlin should receive relative slaps on the wrist for the crimes they’re accused of, even though Jussie’s defense just insults everyone’s intelligence.

Amber Heard is it directly comparable because if the allegations against her are true she did victimize someone, unlike Smollett or Loughlin. If Heard acted maliciously here, she did so to damage Depp’s reputation and career and she did so in order to give herself more leverage in her divorce proceedings.

Still, I don’t know that Heard should go to prison. She should potentially be punished in some way, but prison is perhaps not the best route for that. She stands to have to pay out a huge amount of money to Johnny Depp should his lawsuit be successful, and that will probably do more to make Depp whole than sending her to prison.

On the other hand, Depp is not the only person Heard has been accused of abusing, so maybe she does need to cool her heels in the slammer.

It’s probably a moot point because Heard is unlikely to charge criminal charges stemming from this incident, but it’s certainly something a lot of people are considering wi5h all their newly-found free time.

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2 years ago

Anyone who falsifies evidence or testimony should be pursued by the law. The reason is irrelevant, the gender of the person involved is irrelevant.

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