The People Have Spoken, And They Want Ellen Page to Replace Ellen DeGeneres on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres really managed to blow through all the good will she built up by being one of the first out people in Hollywood. Seriously, one of the biggest lesbian pop-culture blogs of the early 2000s was called AfterEllen. I cannot express to you how much people loved Ellen, and those same people hate her now.

Maybe it was hanging out with George W Bush or complaining about how being stuck in her mansion with her beautiful wife doing a TV show where she talks to celebrities was like being in prison or maybe it was just that it’s come out she’s kind of a horrible person. Whatever the reason, people really don’t like Ellen anymore.

As if to shine a spotlight directly on this, there’s now a petition to replace her on her talk show with Ellen Page.

ellen page is a much better ellen to host the ellen show. ellen degeneres is a hetero that just happens to be gay. ellen page is a much better host because she’s way more gay

Okay, I don’t exactly know what that means or on what scale we’re measuring gaiety here, but almost 8,000 people have signed that petition and Ellen did say she was thinking about retiring and now that everyone hates her it seems like a good time. Not as good a time as before everyone hated her but let’s not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good here. Ellen has a perfectly good chance to go out on somewhere near the middle and I say she should jump on it.
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4 years ago

i’m the person that made the petition!

4 years ago

Horrible people come in all shapes, sizes, political affiliations, sexual orientations, sexual preferences and so on. The notion that all gay people are people of value in progressive societies is total bullshit. Some of the most bigoted people I know are gay. Some of the most open and inclusive people I know are right wing conservatives. How can that be? Because NONE of us are a monolith. We are ALL individuals whose values, morals and yes, even prejudices have shaped us to be who we are. It’s politicians, the media and activist organizations who benefit from labeling us, dividing us… Read more »