David Icke Banned From Facebook for Being David Icke About the Coronavirus

YouTube / Screenshot

David Icke is one of my favorite people because the things he says are so batshit insane that I can’t tell if he’s one of the smartest people to ever live or one of the dumbest. David Icke is like Alex Jones on crack, which I suppose Alex Jones probably is, too, but hear me out; while Jones is talking about chemtrails and gay frogs Icke is talking about the British Royal Family being lizard monsters from outer space.

Seriously, that’s a thing David Icke actually believes. A lot of the dumbest stuff Weekly World News used to publish is stuff David Icke earnestly believes.

In addition to the truly insane stuff he believes, Icke also buys into a lot of run-of-the-mill conspiracies, so it should come as little surprise that the BBC is reporting Icke was banned from Facebook for being David Icke but about the coronavirus.

As examples, it cited:

  • a YouTube interview in which Mr Icke falsely claimed that a Jewish group was behind coronavirus
  • an Instagram post in which he falsely claimed 5G mobile networks left people unable to absorb oxygen
  • a YouTube video in which he falsely claimed it was not possible to catch a virus from shaking hands
  • a Twitter post in which he falsely claimed Germany was moving to “legalise rape” for Muslim men

One of the problems with banning Icke is that at this point, if you think David Icke is right about anything you’re probably a crazy person yourself. I’m a little disappointed his conspiracies here are so ordinary. We’ve seen these before David, we need you to blow our mind. Tell me that the coronavirus was caused by Meghan Markle as a bio weapon against her lizard in-laws or something, dude.

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