Elon Musk Faked Going to a Restaurant on Twitter for Clout

Elon Musk has meticulously built his reputation on being a “science” guy, and in the past or month or so he’s thrown that out because science is in contradiction with what’s best for his bank account; specifically, he would like to ignore the parts of science that say hundreds of thousands of people are going to die if we lift shelter in place orders before we have a plan to deal with the coronavirus and send his employees to their deaths making cars that he makes money from despite not providing any of the actual labor.

As such, Musk has become something of a hero to the people who have decided they’re ready for the coronavirus to be over whether the coronavirus is over or not in addition to normal crowd of easily-fooled simps he normally has calling him a genius.

But Elon appears to be much more in favor of other people going out during the pandemic than he is in favor of himself going out during the pandemic. I say that because he posted this picture to Twitter to make it look like he went out to eat.

He followed that up with a tweet that said “Life should be lived.”

Now, that is a sundae in a martini glass as he describes, yes. It also has a watermark for The Episodic Eater, a food blog that hasn’t updated since 2018. In fact, here’s the same photo on that blogger’s Instagram in February 2017.


Elon didn’t actually say he went to Buca di Beppo to have this himself, mind you, though he did say “Buca” to someone who asked him where he got it.

Except he clearly didn’t get it. At least, he didn’t get the one in the picture. And I’m sure he has a phone he could take a picture of his food with.

What I think happened is Elon posted this picture to make it look like he’s going out to bolster his “the quarantine is dumb, who cares if a few million people die, I need my stocks to go up” image he’s been cultivating. He never actually says he went anywhere, he just lets you assume that’s what happened. And of course, his weirdo boot licked fans came crawling out of the woodwork to tell him awesome he is and how they also hate science when it’s inconvenient to rich people.

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4 years ago

Dori of the Real Housewives of BH, stated that she owns a Buca in LA. Also, I think she said the owner is her son-in-law. Which I think it was brother-in-law. She misspoke and I misheard.