Emma Stone Appears to Have Had a Secret Quarantine Wedding

Did you know Emma Stone is blonde? I was shocked when I found out Hollywood’s most famous redhead (other than Ron Howard) was naturally blonde. She mentioned it in an interview for The Amazing Spider-Man where she was cast as Peter Parker’s original, blonde, superior love interest Gwen Stacey instead of his more recent paramour Mary Jane Watson.

Stone has actually been full of surprises over the years; for instance, Easy A was a really good movie, something I don’t think anyone was expecting at the time.

Stone’s latest surprise, as reported by Page Six, is she appears to have secretly married her fiancé Dave McClary during quarantine after their mid-March wedding was cancelled.

Now it seems they may have gone ahead with their nuptials despite the lockdown. Stone was spotted wearing a gold wedding band during a video chat with Reese Witherspoon.

Her rep didn’t comment.

Good for her. People don’t need a big wedding to prove they love each other.

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