Jimmy Fallon is Being Cancelled for 20-Year-Old ‘SNL’ Blackface Skit, Just 15 Months After Last Cancelling for Same Skit

SNL / Screencap

If you were to hop on Twitter right now, you’d see #JimmyFallonIsOverParty trending. You’d also see #JimmyKimmelIsOverParty trending because people are confused about what late night host named Jimmy they’re cancelling today for having done a celebrity impersonation in blackface way more recently than you’d think. The problem, however, is that we just went through this last year for the exact same thing, Fallon doing an impression of Chris Rock on Saturday Night Live.

Yeah and Kimmel doing his Karl Malone impression is making the rounds, too, also from 20 years ago and we had cancelled him last year and the year before for it.

Fred Armisen must be sweating bullets right about now.

Not because he did blackface (he totally did like, all the time four years, though), just because one of his best-known SNL skits is built around a lazy pun like it’s a Mad TV skit or something.

I can’t do this every year. Alt comics in the late 90s and early 2000s did jokes based on ironic racism because they were pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable at the time, and that lead to network hacks thinking they could pull it off and Jimmy Kimmel might have dated Sarah Silverman but her comedic talent did not rub off on him.

I propose we pick a day and make it ‘Cancel Saturday Night Live for Doing Blackface Day’  so we can celebrate it and I don’t have to write a new article about it every time. I can just write a single article about the history of the day and republish it every year. We can have it sometime in the holiday lull between Christmas and Memorial Day and celebrate by cooking… what’s a racist food? Anything made by Paula Deen, I guess.

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3 years ago

Interestingly the Fallon clip contains “TV snow” from old CRT TV sets, when they loose signal. Some other CRT TV terminology used to describe the physics are ‘Whiter than white’, ‘Blacker than black’, ‘Raster’, and ‘front porch- back porch’.