Justin Theroux Says His Neighbor a From Hell is a Wife Beater

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Justin Theroux hates his neighbor in a way normally reserved for Rand Paul and anyone who lives next to Jake or Logan Paul. Come to think of it, it’s kind of surprising that Rand isn’t related to Jake and Logan Paul, they are very close on the scale of intelligence and insufferablity. But I digress.

Theroux has been in a legal battle with his neighbor Norman Resnicow since 2017 over renovations Theroux and Jennifer Aniston made to the condo they were sharing at the time. And he has accused Resnicow of being a giant piece of s**t. Like whatever you’re thinking, more than that. Page Six reported on the allegations in Theroux’s court filings.

Theroux claims that lawyer and downstairs neighbor Norman Resnicow — who he’s been in a bitter co-op war with for three years — on four occasions since the coronavirus lockdown has verbally berated his wife Barbara, according to new Manhattan Supreme Court papers.

Resnicow could variously be heard calling her “stupid,” a “f—ing moron,” an “idiot,” and an “irresponsible Trumpist Nazi moron,” the court papers say.

A March 22 fight was prompted over Resnicow’s anger that Barbara didn’t wear a face mask. Resnicow locked her outside of their apartment yelling, “you’re locked out,” the court filings say.

During a May 3 dispute, Resnicow — enraged that Barbara had been outside — screamed, “I’ll break your teeth. No, you sit down in your f—ing seat … you want broken teeth?” the court documents allege.

Okay, so… if you think your wife is a Nazi and you are not a Nazi, why are you still married to her?

And that’s not even addressing threatening to hit her. Or allegedly actually hitting her.

In February 2019, Theroux accused Resnicow of yelling at his wife so viciously that he called 911 and three days later Barbara was seen with a black eye.

I mean…

Theroux isn’t just accusing his neighbor of threatening and possibly hitting his wife, he’s also accusing him of witness intimidation. You see, Resnicow’s wife is a witness in Theroux’s lawsuit against him for harassment and Resnicow has been ordered not to intimidate or threaten any witnesses so Theroux is asking he be held in contempt of court for violating that order.

I mean, I have contempt for him and I haven’t even met him, I don’t see why the judge wouldn’t.

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