New Marvel Rumors From ‘Endgame’ Leaker About ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’

Avengers: Endgame

Before Avengers: Endgame released, a leaker released a bunch of details about the film on Twitter under the name Roger Wardell.

Fat Thor was not something someone would just guess at without some sort of insider knowledge.

That account stopped tweeting last year but recently a new account with a similar name popped up with more apparent insider information.

We can’t verify any of this until some of the movies referenced her start releasing, but let’s dive into what these rumors are.

Thor 4 is coming the soonest of all the films mentioned here, so this prediction about a Thor Corps with characters like Beta Ray Bill and Throg (a frog with the power of Thor) will pretty much tell us if this guy is the real deal or full of crap.

But what I really want to talk about is the X-Men and Fantastic Four leaks. Marvel has done everything they could over the past decade to make them seem like second-tier properties, but along with Spider-Man they’re the Crown Jewels of Marvel Comics.

Doctor Doom is a big deal. Everyone has been all “oh, Thanos” but Thanos is just a knockoff of Darkseid that wasn’t handled particularly well in the films. Doom is THE comic book villain. I can seem him having a presence similar to what Loki had in the earlier films. He’s most certainly not going to be a one and done villain.

For those who are not familiar, the “Earth-1610” versions of the X-Men and Fantastic Four is referent to Ultimate Marvel, a line of comics Marvel started in the early 2000s that rebooted everything so that new fans could just pick them up without needing to know 35 years of continuity.

Ultimate Marvel was a massive success and most of the initial Marvel movies were largely influenced by it, particularly Iron Man and Nick Fury,who was first portrayed as looking like Sam Jackson (and I mean exactly like Sam Jackson) in The Ultimates. The Chitauri also come from Ultimate universe, though they were essentially the Skrulls as seen in Captain Marvel.

What this basically means is we’ll see younger versions of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, including a Magneto who wasn’t a holocaust survivor, a Wolverine who isn’t 5’3” and a Fantastic Four who get their powers through a more modern scientific experiment instead of Reed Richards taking his best girl on a secret mission to beat the Ruskies in the space race.

When he says Ultimatum will not be adapted, he’s talking about the event that essentially ended the Ultimate universe, a particularly poorly written crossover than killed off most of the main characters in an effort to introduce radical differences into the line after the mainstream Marvel line adopted pretty much everything that made Ultimate work, including the creators. When Marvel launched the line, the writers assigned to it like Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis and later Brian K Vaughn and Robert Kirkman were virtually unknown but they had since become some of the hottest creators around and had moved on to higher-profile jobs.

Basically, though, there’s not a lot to be discerned here, since the mainstream Marvel characters ended up absorbing a lot of the personalities of their Ultimate counterparts anyway and Marvel Films will probably look to the classic storylines of the mainstream comics for stories even if the personalities and costumes are based on the Ultimate universe.

He did say that terrible Inhumans show is getting written out of existence, too, so that’s some very good news that’s likely true whether the rest of the leaks he provided are or not. God was that show ever terrible.

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