Sarah Hyland Doesn’t See the Point on Getting Married During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Spring and summer are normally wedding season for couples in love, but since everyone is locked in their house and we’re about two weeks for someone getting shot over toilet paper, people are putting their wedding plans on hold. One of those couples is Sarah Hyland and her fiancé, Wells Adams.

Adams was on Access Hollywood talking about his plans for a wedding, which have been put on indefinite hold, saying “what’s the point of even trying to get something solidified with everything being just so up in the air?”

Apropos of nothing, is anyone else depressed that all of TV looks like Twitch now?

Adams shot down the suggestion of a Zoom wedding, saying that if the pandemic went on too long they would consider a small wedding at their home, but that was also unlikely because “there’s too many famous ABC personalities that need to give us gifts.” He jokingly added “Ty Burrell, I need a new fly fishing rod.”

He also talked about filming Worst Cooks in America, which Hyland’s Modern Family TV brother Nolan Gould preciously appeared on, joking he needed to learn to cook to keep his fiancée interested in him.

Wells also said quarantine hasn’t been too hard on the couple, and they hadn’t had any major fights. Which is cute. Hyland is supposed to be shooting a pilot with The Big Sick writer Emily V Gordon for next season, and the project has a put pilot commitment, but unless your TV show is about someone talking into a shitty webcam in their living room there’s no telling when it’s going to film.

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Carlos T. Jackal
Carlos T. Jackal
3 years ago

What the hell kind of name is “Wells Adams?” You could swap first and last names and it wouldn’t be any less ridiculous.