Tana Mongeau Evolves to Final Form, Opens OnlyFans Account

I’m not entirely sure why Tana Mongeau is famous, but I’m pretty sure it’s just for being the type of person who would sleep with Jake Paul. Well, that and being super hot. She has parlayed those skills into what I can only imagine is a very successful OnlyFans account.

Nice, right? Yeah, I know, we all want to see Tana naked. Only here’s the thing: she doesn’t, of course she doesn’t. Did you learn nothing from Doja Cat? These internet celebrities everyone wants to see naked never actually let you see them naked. Like remember Olivia Munn? She teased showing off her boobs right up until she was getting minor supporting roles in terrible franchise films.

I’m not going to post Mongeau’s paywalled content, but let me promise you that if you pay $5 on her OnlyFans to see her boobs, the nipples do not make an appearance.

Still, Tana is going to tease seeing her naked for a long time to get those OnlyFans dollars.

Again, to quote Chris Rock, “No matter what a stripper tells you, there’s no sex in the champagne room.”

And if you really need to drool over Tana Mongeau, just follow her on Instagram; she’s not showing off anything on her OnlyFans you can’t see on her Instagram.

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