Ancient Relic of All Media Howard Stern Furious About Parody News Article He Thought Was Real

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Remember when Howard Stern was funny, entertaining, or in any way culturally relevant? Neither do I. Not because he never was, Stern definitely was part of the zeitgeist at one point. I’ve just smoked a lot of weed since the last time anyone gave a s**t about him in 1997.

I thought that Stern’s transformation from edgy, boundary-pushing shock jock to washed-up elderly crank was complete when he had establishment dipshit Hillary Clinton on so they could complain about how unreasonable it was for these kids today to expect health care and education, but he still had one last step to take.

Stern took that step on his radio show Tuesday when he got noticeably irritated by a clearly fake story he thought was real, something I’m sure you’ve been also through when your grandpa gets on Facebook.

In Stern’s case, it was a story from the punk rock parody site The Hard Times about the Village People that pushed him over the edge.

The joke site’s non-parody vertices The Hard Noise reported on Stern’s Senior moment the next day.

Robin goes on to describe the completely fabricated situation in more detail, claiming the cop character was kicked out “because of the George Floyd incident” and adding that he offered to change his outfit, but “they said ‘no no no, you have too much association with the police department.’”

Howard Stern really did not like this. After absorbing the 100% untrue information, he responds (emphasis mine) “I don’t like that. I don’t know that much about it, but it’s wrong.”

The Hard Times founder Matt Saincome posted the relevant portion of Stern’s show on his Twitter.

It’s not just that Howard Stern is a dumb old man who gets tricked by the fake news now, it’s that he got so mad going to bat for a singing cop. The establishment hated Stern his whole career and did everything got could to destroy him and the dude still jumped at the chance to get invited to brunch with them.

At least Dom Imus had the decency to die a pariah.

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