Chris D’Elia Denies Being Pedophile, Says He’s Just a Normal Sleazeball


Your opinion of this story is going to hinge a lot on your opinion whether or not you think it’s wrong for famous people to get laid because they’re famous. It’s been a big theme on social media this week with the comic book world losing their minds that respect writer Warren Ellis (author of the incredible Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.) has sex with women in their 20s. Shock and horror.

Chris D’Elia, the stand-up comic, and star of Undateable, has been accused by some anonymous Twitter accounts of soliciting underage girls for sex. Let’s take a look at one of the only tweets that have any sort of proof the person has ever met D’Elia.

If you read the texts, you’ll see when D’Elia makes a pass at this girl, she tells him she’s 17 and he’s like “too young, bye,” and then tries again nearly a year later.

She claims she was still 17 when he sent contacted her in February 2011, and that she turned 18 in August of that year.

But if she was 17 in April 2010, which is what she said, then she couldn’t have possibly turned 18 any later than April 2011. And regardless, D’Elia would reasonably assume someone was a year older than they said they were a year later, anyone would.

Is it wrong to hit on an 18-year-old? No, of course not, what’s wrong with you. You might think it’s sleazy, but you’re allowed to be sleazy.

Other women are making other accusations that D’Elia hit on them when they were 17, but none of them provide any proof he knew they were underage and that is important here since the only time we see someone tell him they’re 17 he nopes out and texts them back in a year.

D’Elia told TMZ that he never knowingly pursued anyone underage and the fact is there is evidence to support that and none to dispute it right now.

I don’t think anyone is actually sorry about a lifestyle of having sex with attractive 18-year-olds, if it wasn’t enjoyable then Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t do it.

I know that the woke feminist opinion on this is that women have the brains of children until they’re in their 40s and so anyone who is even slightly older than a woman he has sex with is taking advantage of her in some way, but I don’t buy it. When you reach the age of majority, you’re an adult and if you sleep with a sleazy older guy, well, that’s you making poor life choices. The age of consent exists because it’s the age we consider the vast majority of people to be informed and mature enough to meaningfully consent. Being all “okay, but are adult women really adults?” isn’t going to convince people the way you think it is. Getting mad about men having sex with younger women is supposed to be the domain of your nosy aunt.

Now, I’m not saying D’Elia didn’t do anything wrong, but I am saying that there’s way more evidence that Joe Biden raped Tara Reade than there is D’Elia pursued anyone he knew was underaged and yet the mainstream media treats that like some kind of unhinged conspiracy now. Obviously, D’Elia’s play here is to come out in favor of poor people not having healthcare.

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