COVID Is Coming for the WWE and the NFL

Sports were fun. Fun to watch, fun to play, fun to talk about with your Australian girlfriend because Aussie sports are all like, Bizarro versions of actual sports. My girlfriend explained netball to me for like an hour and it made me realize how much I miss basketball, a sport I haven’t watched since Michael Jordan called Larry Bird a bitch.

We may never have sports again, at least not the way we knew them. Those stadiums full of cheering fans? The WWE couldn’t even have like 50 guys in the Performance Center without having someone test positive for COVID. They’re not even a sport!

But at least the real sports are faring better right?

The NFL seems to have “statistically, someone is going to die” levels of infections. It seems to be just in Texas, but ESPN reported that both the Cowboys and the Texans have players who tested positive for the virus.

None of the Cowboys players had been at The Star, the team’s facility, during the offseason, per league rules. The team has been in consistent contact with the players and the club has an infectious disease consultant on its medical staff. A source said one player had flu-like symptoms late last week but was feeling better, and the other players tested have been asymptomatic.

The NFL has some problems. CTEs are so common in the league that I think the latest study shows you can get one just from watching football. Now COVID is coming for everyone who survives that.

It’s supposedly just a small number of players and all but one have been asymptomatic, and the one player with symptoms has mild ones. But how did so many players get it? And if there were games being played now, the whole locker room could have it as well as tens of thousands of fans. And is it wise to have teams of 100-some people flying around the country to play games? We’re just going to have to face that for the foreseeable future, sports are probably going to be on hold.

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