Danny Masterson Arrested for Rape

A little over two years ago, a former celebrity who is a member of a famously litigious church contacted our website through his lawyers and demanded we retract a piece stating that Scientology watchdog Tony Ortega had reported that the LA District Attorney was looking to charge Danny Masterson in the rape of three women under a statute that could see him facing life in prison.

We were assured by Masterson’s lawyers that Ortega’s reporting was libelous and Mr. Ortega just had some sort of ax to grind against the Church of Scientology. So I was surprised to read today that Danny Masterson was arrested for rape under a statute that could see him facing life in prison. I highly doubt that a religious body as respected as the Church of Scientology would use the legal system to silence critics regardless of the truth. Does that sound like the Scientology you know? Because it doesn’t to me.

I’m interested in knowing what’s going to happen to That 70’s Show, the only thing Masterson was ever in that was good. I doubt it’s going anywhere on streaming services because you can still watch The Cosby Show and we’re removing shows for racism now and not sexual misconduct.

But there is hope because Masterson’s character on That 70’s Show is revealed to be mixed race in later seasons. Is that enough to be racist and get pulled? I think that maybe if we all agree it counts as blackface, we might have a chance. Netflix pulled an episode of With Bob and David where a David Cross character wears blackface as part of illustrating what a detestable moron he and people like him are, so I think “Danny Masterson pretends to be black for like, 3 years because he has curly hair,” is definitely a better reason to pull something.

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