Danny Masterson Reportedly Will Refuse Any Plea Deal in Rape Trial

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Danny Masterson was arrested for rape and he faces life in prison because he allegedly used a firearm in one of the rapes. But Masterson is not only not taking any plea deal he may be offered, Us Weekly reports he apparently doesn’t think that the charges will even make it to trial.

Despite facing a maximum sentence of 45 years to life in state prison, if convicted for rape by force or fear of three women, the insider says, “Danny will not be accepting a plea deal, despite pressure he will get to take it. Period.”

The source adds: “It’s not a given that there will be a criminal trial. There are very strong grounds for the charges to be dismissed.”

If I didn’t know better, I would say that those sounds like the words of a cartoonish supervillain who has the backing of a shadowy, powerful organization that is definitely not a cult with the ability to move the levers of power behind the scenes to protect members from the consequences of their actions. But I do know better, that is absolutely not what is going on here.

Remember that scene in Lethal Weapon 2 where the bad guy says he has diplomatic immunity and Murtaugh says “It’s just been revoked” after shooting him? I don’t know why I thought of that. Anyway, here’s an unrelated tweet from Leah Remini who is probably just on her period or something.

If you’re wondering what the people who know Masterson the best think about this, That 70’s Show creator Mark Brazill liked multiple twitter posts about Masterson being a piece of s**t, though he later unliked them, presumably when he realized people could see what you liked.

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