J.K. Rowling Is More Transphobic Than Ever, Won’t Stop Until She Alienates Last Non-Horrible Fan

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Until now, J.K. Rowling has kept her transphobia mostly deniable. We all knew about it, but unlike the dude who wrote Father Ted, Rowling just kind of hinted at it with likes and follows she would deny later. She was a sort of Robert Webb type bigot who all know is a bigot but who has the common sense to shut the f**k up after it became clear his bigotry would hurt him professionally if he kept banging on about it. What is wrong with the British, anyway?

In the middle of a worldwide civil rights protest, the same weekend protestors in Bristol tore down a statue of a slave trader and threw it into the river, Rowling decided to say “f**k it, mask off” and make her most explicitly transphobic social media posts to date.

Now, you might be thinking “well, she’s right, biological sex is real, that’s how we know what she’s talking about,” and you’d largely be right. The subtext, however, is that sometimes things are done in good faith and sometimes in bad faith and I can pretty confidently say that Rowling is not acting in good faith out of concern for the trans community. How do I know this?

And she re-tweeted this.

People who like Harry Potter are bound to be saying that they can’t reconcile this person with the person who wrote the books that taught them to fight for equality and against bigotry, but… did they teach that?

Sure, there were evil wizards who were obsessed with bloodlines and called this less “pure” than they were “mudbloods”, a word very clearly meant to have the connotations of the n-word in an extremely white wizard in society, but do Harry and his friends lead a movement to end the bigotry and other various horrors of the wizarding world?

They really don’t. Much like the establishment center-left political parties Rowling supports, Harry Potter is the story of how people with the power to change things and create a better world learn about the deep injustices of their society and do nothing to change it, instead putting their energy into defeating one bad guy while making no effort to upend the status quo that allowed that bad guy to come to power in the first place.

Everything from the “absolutely-not-Jewish” greedy hook-nosed goblin bankers to the fact that when Harry discovers he’s rich he doesn’t offer to share any of his wealth with the family of his best friend and future wife who struggle and live hand-to-mouth but still take him in and treat him like a member of the family because they’d be embarrassed to Hermoine Granger being treated like an intolerable Lisa Simpson type for opposing literal chattel slavery is proof of a worldview that has no interest in justice but instead with maintaining an oligarchy where you’re one of the influential elites.

That is the real J.K. Rowling, not a champion of a just society but someone who seeks to put a nice face on an unequal status quo who clearly does not believe trans women are “really” women.

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2 years ago

I see her as a feminist, and not as transphobic. With some things, like sports or social issues, the trans community is taking over and actually cutting down on girls/women’s right to participate or excel. So as a feminist, wouldn’t you stand up for women’s rights in that area when it is encroached on and opportunity is removed?
The Trans community needs its own space, it just doesn’t need to take space from women to get it. And oddly, the trans community isn’t taking space from men in the same way, furthering the plight for women here.

2 years ago

The flaw in your logic is that you think trans women and genetic at birth women are the same. They aren’t. Even though trans women saythey feel that way psychologically, which I will acknowledge, they are not the same physiologically. Or biologically. It’s ok to recognize that scientific fact.
Women deserve their own space, Trans women do too. There is good reason to not make them share the same space.

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