Jussie Smollett Almost Caught a Break as His ‘Attackers’ Waffle on Testifying Against Him


Jussie Smollett just can’t catch a break. First, he was “attacked” by two large black men he was possibly in a sexual relationship with who were wearing white face and called him racial and homophobic slurs while telling him he was in Trump country and then literally everyone in the United States except for his sister who starred in a movie that flopped called him a liar. I mean, can you imagine not believing the story I just laid it? It’s so plausible.

Jussie almost got a big break today as his “attackers” announced they wouldn’t be testifying against him because the police haven’t returned some of their property that was taken in the investigation according to Page Six.

“It’s been over a year and they need to give us our stuff back,” said Abel Osundairo told the station.

“I would understand if we were defendants in the case, which we are not,” he added.

During the Valentine’s Day sweep, cops swiped among other possessions a safe containing a 9mm gun and ammunition that belongs to Abel, a legal gun owner, the station reported.

But Smollett’s luck was not meant to be. Just a few hours later, Page Six reported again that their gun had been found and would be returned to them, and the brothers are once again set to testify.

“Due to the intervention of Special Prosecutor Dan Webb and his team, earlier today we were informed that a properly registered 9mm handgun that was missing from a locked safe seized by the Chicago Police Department on February 14, 2019, has been located,” Schmidt Rodriguez’s statement reads.

“The missing gun was a reason for Abel and Ola’s decision to cease voluntary cooperation, in addition to the unnecessary complication brought to this situation by CPD’s Corporate Counsel in treating them like suspects. Abel and Ola will recommence their cooperation in the Smollett case now that the handgun has been produced by the Special Prosecutor’s office.”

Funny how that worked out. That gun was missing for an entire year and they found it in a few hours when there was a chance of a rich black guy not going to jail.

Of course, if Jussie would just admit what every single person in the world already knows and pay a fine then the whole thing would be over. Lori Loughlin took the plea deal, Jussie, just take the deal and move on with your life.

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