Kim and Kanye Could Sue Former Bodyguard Who Keeps Telling Everyone How They Suck

Steve Stanulis used to be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard, and now he’s an actor, director and producer. This means he’s out promoting a movie he made with Tara Reid called 5th Borough, and while he’s on the road he’s got a lot to say about his former bosses, something TMZ reports has lead Kim and Kanye to threaten him with a lawsuit. What sorts of things does he have to say, which the couple claim are false and defamatory?

If you missed it, Stanulis claimed Kanye had “ridiculous rules” — like walking 10 paces behind him on city streets, and claimed he got angry if Steve blocked a paparazzi shot. He also called Yeezy the “moodiest” and “neediest” celeb who’s hired him.

I mean, if that is false it’s the most plausible lie anyone has ever told. Why would you even make that up, it’s like making up a story about Harvey Weinstein being a sex pest, there are just so many examples to choose from that you’re just wasting your own time making up a fake one.

Stanulis told TMZ, through a representative, that they have no grounds to sue because this wasn’t a breech of his NDA since the information was already out there from when he breeched his NDA before.

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