Lea Michele’s ‘Glee’ Castmates Say She Was Racist and a Huge Bitch

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If you’ve done basically anything in the past week, you probably noticed there are massive demonstrations going on in the United States right now, sparked by the murder of George Floyd. Basically every celebrity and brand has felt the need to weigh in on it, and most people with a brain know that they’re mostly doing it as a form of advertising.

Sometimes that backfires horribly. Take, for example, former Glee star Lea Michele, who made a tweet proclaiming that black lives matter.

The people who worked with her on Glee saw this post and pointed out that she’s actually a racist asshole. Like recurring guest Sammi Ware.

That doesn’t sound so great for Michele but it’ll probably blow over if she only had problems with one black co-star, right?

Oh, so that’s not ideal for her. She also just seems like a bitch in a general way on top of the alleged racism.

Yeah. Michele already lost her gig HelloFresh over this.

They actually posted this a bunch of times in response to people calling on them to do this, but haven’t posted it to their Twitter timeline, so you have to go looking for it.

The moral of the story, boys and girls, is you can’t hashtag your way around being a shitty person. Also Glee was terrible, stop talking about it like it was good.

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